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My Story

History, flowers, and a hidden language

Hey everyone, my name is Tyler.


I have always loved history, and two years ago I discovered my love of flowers. Now I have a chance to combine the two with Tussie-Mussie Floral Designs. I would describe my style as vintage and sophisticated with some Victorian charm thrown in.​

Before continuing, I should probably explain where my business got its' name. In the Victorian Era, when strict rules governed every aspect of society, emotional expression was highly regulated. A language evolved to break down those barriers and communicate emotions and ideas using flowers. These flowers were arranged in a Tussie-Mussie and worn while out in public.They were able to declare someone's unendinging love, warn a person to keep away, or even forbid a secret from being shared.

My own Tussie-Mussie would contain some laurel leaves, the symbol of victory and success, plus a snip of Jasmine for Cheerfulness. I'd add an orchid for elegance and an Icelandic Poppy to bring in some imagination. To tie it together I'd add in a sprig of rosemary for wisdom.

Using this language, I want to create meaningful bouquets, arrangements, and installations that tell my client's stories.


How can I help tell your story?

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